Bohèmes au café. (1886) Jean-François Raffaelli

Bohèmes au café. (1886) Jean-François Raffaelli

When I think of this I get a tingly feeling. A feeling of excitement, disappointment and possibility. What does collaboration mean to you?

I also think of an Impressionist art movement. A collaboration of well-known artists who came together to make good art. Back then, they were just a couple of guys who met in a café every night to discuss their art and how they could promote their work. Poor and struggling, but with perseverance and faith in what they do. Mostly, they came together because of the love they have for their work, and to have a drink with friends who share the same passion.

Collaboration is a personal experience. The future of business today is built on collaboration. Always was I guess. Listening, understanding, respect, perseverance and adaptability are part of a collaboration. Openness and transparency too. You cannot say you in a collaboration if trust is not at the core of it.

This post is not about the how or why’s of collaboration because I’m no expert. In fact this post is one of my worse written ones. I say this not because I have little faith in my written thoughts, but only because it is what it is – not very good. Nonetheless, I feel the need to put this out there because it weighs deep and it’s something I still have a lot to learn about. Something I promised myself I would blog about – even if it’s unfinished (and my blog’s name is what it is…  RAW)  😉

It’s true what they say about human beings not built to live alone. Or work alone. Though a few have blossomed in this manner. But for the rest of us coming together with good skill, passion and a love and respect for what each person contributes to a collective – that is history in the making. Something of value to the future. We know the world needs more of that. So keep on believing and create and share with your tribe who share the same passion for work – improving and making things better for present and future generations!


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