Goodbye 2013


I don’t know how you feel about the past year. Whether it was a happy, hard, easy or sad one. We all have it different.

What we feel. I mean really feel on the inside is somewhat more complex. Difficult to articulate or put in words. Always is for me!

But, I need to say a proper thank you and goodbye to 2013…

Thank you for the opportunity to have lived through a year of freelance. I’m still here… phew! I still have toilet paper money left 🙂
Jokes aside, freelance IS for everyone. Anyone who believes and has the knowledge and perseverance to drive their passion. It’s not an elite group. It’s not for the rich… I digress. This is not what my post is about. It’s about being thankful. Nothing else. So thank you 2013 – I salute you! for the difficulties, lessons learnt, people I met, and the support I had to carry me through. It’s being quite a ride!

Goodbye. I find goodbyes awkward. Don’t you? Even with friends or family or just simply saying bye to my mom for the night. It’s not the act of saying goodbye that fills me with an uneasy feeling. It’s the worry of what happens next. Like when someone you love dies. Or when someone you love goes to another country or lover. It’s a selfish feeling. Hurt for not doing enough. Hurt for doing too much and feeling a fool for it. It’s the worry of what happens next that make goodbyes sad.

Yes, goodbyes are sad, but some are also happy. A relief. Or an accomplishment! Or an end to a story that begins another. Goodbyes are necessary. They end a period. To begin a new. A new beginning or new day. A new year…

So this new year these are my hopes…

  • don’t take the normal, boring days for granted
  • turn challenges into opportunities, but choose them well
  • work on work that matters – or create ones that do
  • don’t make the same resolutions or the same mistakes, and always learn from them
  • add value in a way only you can
  • collaborate with those who share a passion and respect for their work and yours
  • never stop learning.

A toast to 2014! from a quote by Sonia Ricotti …

Accept what is. Let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014!!!



BohÚmes au café. (1886) Jean-François Raffaelli

BohÚmes au café. (1886) Jean-François Raffaelli

When I think of this I get a tingly feeling. A feeling of excitement, disappointment and possibility. What does collaboration mean to you?

I also think of an Impressionist art movement. A collaboration of well-known artists who came together to make good art. Back then, they were just a couple of guys who met in a café every night to discuss their art and how they could promote their work. Poor and struggling, but with perseverance and faith in what they do. Mostly, they came together because of the love they have for their work, and to have a drink with friends who share the same passion.

Collaboration is a personal experience. The future of business today is built on collaboration. Always was I guess. Listening, understanding, respect, perseverance and adaptability are part of a collaboration. Openness and transparency too. You cannot say you in a collaboration if trust is not at the core of it.

This post is not about the how or why’s of collaboration because I’m no expert. In fact this post is one of my worse written ones. I say this not because I have little faith in my written thoughts, but only because it is what it is – not very good. Nonetheless, I feel the need to put this out there because it weighs deep and it’s something I still have a lot to learn about. Something I promised myself I would blog about – even if it’s unfinished (and my blog’s name is what it is…  RAW)  😉

It’s true what they say about human beings not built to live alone. Or work alone. Though a few have blossomed in this manner. But for the rest of us coming together with good skill, passion and a love and respect for what each person contributes to a collective – that is history in the making. Something of value to the future. We know the world needs more of that. So keep on believing and create and share with your tribe who share the same passion for work – improving and making things better for present and future generations!

True Value

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

I don’t know how many times I’ve written and rewritten this post. But every time I write it, it never seems good enough.  It never seems complete. I guess it’s not complete. Yet.

I’ve tried justifying why value has lost its value in this world, but honestly, I don’t know how to do that. There’s countless debates, blog posts, and talks on value. Maybe the proof of true value lies beneath the mask we all wear. A mask we put on to help us get through the hard days at work or when we still feel the need to prove ourselves to society.

To me, value is pure. Like the work of Leonardo da Vinci. What he left behind is valuable. He left a part of him behind. And it still lives and breathes, influences and inspires to this day!

Value is a part of you. True value comes from within and whomever is at the receiving end of that should be deserving. It’s not just a word or a business slogan. It’s alive! A living organism. And it’s kept alive by constantly feeding it. So it evolves as we evolve. And it grows or dies – whichever we decide to do or not to do.

Next time you use the word ‘value’ – take care in using it. Like you would a newborn baby. Nurturing it. Constantly feeding, teaching and learning.

Our value is the core of who we are – in life and in business. Find your value. The thing you can add to make a difference in the way only you can do. Not to promote yourself or make more money – just add more of YOU into what you do, and the rest (as they say) will fall into place.