The video of my talk @ SPIN

As promised, this is the homemade video of the talk I gave at SPIN last week.The audio is a bit out in relation to the slides, but I think you’ll get the gist of it.

I’ve also attached the pdf slides again.

Perhaps my next talk will be recorded a bit more professionally 😉

Do enjoy!

My video:

My pdf slide (just in case):


Sharing Happiness


A blog post I’d like to share from Growing Agile is about measuring happiness in the workplace. And one of the topics I spoke about at my SPIN talk.

The importance of happiness at work is just as important as the numbers in business.

Growing Agile goes into a much deeper look on how happiness can and should be part of business. They suggest some tools to use too.

Check it out… it makes me so happy to read this…

A talk I gave @ SPIN

sharna SPIN talk_low res-46

Two days ago I gave a talk on how I adapted a tool called, Scrum, to work within the publishing design studio I used to work at.

What is SPIN? Spin stands for Software Process Improvement Network. They are a network of people who come together once a month to share ideas on software or anything else which links to the agile tools so commonly known in the software industry. And they find and share ways of improving it.

What is Scrum? In short, Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development.

It was an awesome talk. I prepared hard for the talk. I had fun! We all ate popcorn :), and this was part of the presentation theme. The main reason it was great was because of the support I received from the people who took the time out to listen, and support me. I know now what it takes to do something like this, and I have the utmost respect for all those speakers out there who prepares and shares ideas with the world.

So now I would like to share this idea with the world through my presentation I created. I promise you won’t fall asleep.

And for all the Tweets and Retweets I received… thank you all very much.

As Megamind said… ‘PRESENTATION is what makes the SUPER in HERO!’

So here’s my presentation, and I hope to upload the homemade video soon too 😉

Finding Neo


Yes, you read right. I said NEO, not NEMO.

I wonder sometimes when I will find my Neo.

And if each person has a ‘Neo’ to find in their life?

I’m not talking about the love of our lives.

I’m talking about when you work so fuckin hard at your job,
that you wonder if it will all lead to something worthwhile.

In the movie, The Matrix…  the real world, the humans, looks to Neo to protect their world.

They called him The One.

Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place.

Perhaps I’m trying too hard.

What if I’ve already found ‘Neo’ and walked right pass.

But there’s no way I could have found ‘Neo’.

Because if I did, I would know.

Surely, I would feel it?

I don’t want to be a machine.

There’s more to life than slaving like a machine.

Finding ‘Neo’.

I know you out there, ‘Neo’…

Parts of a book



“The history of book printing goes back to the first bibles pulled sheet by sheet off Johannes Gutenburg’s presses in Mainz, German in the late fifteenth century. The first books were attempts to replicate the handwritten books of the time, which varied widely. Over the centuries publishers have gradually established conventions about the way books are constructed.”

An extract from Joel Friedlander’s website post… have a look at The Book Designer’s post on what makes up the different parts of a book… I consider this a good refresher in book design…