“I’d rather DIE standing, than LIVE on bended knees”


A quote by Emiliano Zapata Salazar (8 August 187910 April 1919) was a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution against the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz that broke out in 1910.


It holds a truth all freelancers should live by.

You choose who, what and where you want to be in this world.

I recently had a client. The job that was supposed to take a couple of hours, but ended up running over a week. Yes, we’ve all had that. A small job. An easy executable job. I took this job for the money, and I took it for the experience of doing something new. But as many of us freelancers experience, you never know what client you’re taking on. The problem I had? They could not explain what they wanted.

Lesson 1: Never send a person to brief a supplier if they don’t know how to communicate what’s in their head. It only leads to frustration, time and money wastage.

Worse of all, I undercharged the client just to secure the job and get ‘my foot in the door’ for future work…

Lesson 2: Don’t sell yourself short! It only brings down your worth, and the worth of your industry.

We’ve all had this kind of client. We’ve all had jobs that should have taken this long, but ended up taking THAT much longer.

Why is it that we hear this story so often?

Lesson 3: We teach people how to treat us.

We are to blame. Freelancing is a field we choose to be in. So why choose to receive anything less? And you don’t have to ‘suck it up’ because ‘thats just the way things are’. Take a stand for how you should be treated.Or consider yourself not living a life at all.

For the most part, I choose quality of work and life over the money. Sometimes its a lonely choice. I get strange looks and even stranger comments. The choices I make may lead me to not survive the freelance world, but at least if I have to wave my goodbyes to freelancing, I’ll do it with some dignity.

Would you rather DIE standing, or LIVE on bended knees?


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