Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.

A TED video of Chip Kidd. One of the most famous and most talented book designers… check it out…


Just ask

Amanda Palmer done a talk on TED called The Art of Asking.

If you haven’t yet seen this, check it out:

As a newbie freelance designer, alot of what Amanda says in this video relates to the freelance world of any kind. so it really stuck with me. And the only way I could descibe this video was in a typographic collage of what this video means to me…

amanda palmer

Dave McKean

He says he’s not an artist, and that inspiration is for amateurs. He says you need to be obsessed about what you do, and then just do it!

Dave McKean, a long time favourite of mine. His work is a combination of photography, typography (which he sometimes creates himself), illustration and design. I’ve rediscovered him again this week, and I’d like to share this with you.

Some of his works…

Telluride 321

Clermont-Ferrand 20041


Sandman Presents-CORINTHIAN 11

Varjak Paw1

The Creative Pathfinder


I recently came across a free online creative course by Lateral Action

This is not a course to teach you how to design, but rather how to handle yourself in the creative world. This is what Lateral Action teaches you:

The most important skill for economic survival in the 21st century is creativity

…It’s not enough to be productive if what you produce doesn’t make a difference. Those who stay busy with foolish productivity are scurrying around efficiently avoiding any real innovation, one productivity hack at a time.

Maybe it’s time to stop just getting things done. And start focusing on doing things that really matter. That’s how creative entrepreneurs operate.

That’s lateral action.

Here’s the link to The Creative Pathfinder course I’ve started:

Enjoy  🙂

Something Wicked: a horror anthology


Something Wicked, a horror publication like no other!, brings you Volume 2. The anthology features various stories written by some South African writers, as well as international writers.

Awesome isnt it?

Go check out an interview done by Pornokitsch, with the cover artist, Vincent Sammy.

Enjoy 🙂